Areas of Practise

Ani Kingsley Ugochukwu is a general practice attorney, though there are areas within the sphere of the Law which he considers to be of more interest to him in terms of the practice of the Law. They include:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms: skilled negotiation; arbitration; online dispute resolution; online transnational dispute resolution;
  • Corporate Affairs matters
  • Electronic Lawyering; e-lawyering
  • Entertainment Law: Representation of artists in the Entertainment industry
  • Human Rights Protection
  • Intellectual Property Law: Copyright registration; Trademark registration, Copyright infringement matters; representation of Copyright owners.
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate Management
  • Solicitor Work: Drafting of Agreements across all spheres of commercial practice and contracts; drafting of letters; Wills; Legislations; or any other draft that require legal expertise