How to Leverage Social Media for Career Success



When you contact a person_a professional_for the very first time, the one thing that professional is going to do is to research you online. The person is not going to say anything to you; rather, that person will simply type whatever name you had addressed yourself to them as into Google or any of the other search engines available. In other words, they are going to engage in some cyber snooping of who you are. I remember contacting someone once about submitting a particular material I needed from him to me, and within fifteen minutes of his receiving my email, I received a Google Alert from Google, notifying me that someone had searched for Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani. it made me smile because I would have done exactly the same thing if someone were to contact me out of the blue.

When they search for you, what do they see? Nothing? Someone that is not you? Or, even worse, no information at all?

Well then, what impression do you think that is going to give to them about you? That person might then not take you serious or your services serious if you are offering something to them.

So, now that we have established the background, let us go in deeper and talk about the ways you leverage social media in your professional life to your advantage. Underlisted is a checklist of things to do:

Routinely search for your name on search engines.

This might sound weird, and I can bet you, it is weird, but searching for your name on search engines is going to notify you of the kind of online visibility you have; if any. You might have a LinkedIn account, a business Linkedin account, Facebook account, among others, but when you type in the requisite name you will see something that is totally unrelated to your name; or you can find your name buried in perhaps the tenth or fifteenth page of Google.

That should send a red flag waving in your consciousness. You know why? It is because 90% of visitors to search engines hardly ever go beyond the 2nd page of their search before they click on what they need and forget all about the other search results that might run into the remaining thousands of pages.

This should give you an idea pertaining to where you stand.

Create a web site for your business

I think I will be right to say that the Internet and businesses have gotten married in recent years, with one dependent on the other…perhaps even more than we know.

As a business owner, it is imperative for a professional with diverse services that might be of help to paying clients to have their online visibility already prepared on the Information Superhighway Ether.

Nowadays, most clients_particularly the ones that are tech-savvy_will hardly do business with an analogue practitioner. They want professionals that are smart as well savvy and up to date with the times.

You need to create a site and not only display the requisite information about your business (which you must do, by the way), but also display a wealth of information about the services you provide and other allied matters.

For example: a medical health practitioner with particular focus on optometry should have a site that details this information, plus also offer a lot of information on the problems of patients relating to that field of practice. That way, clients can search for you and they can find you. Then, if you are within their location (or even outside it), they can always call you or email you, seeking for consultations. You have shown that you are an expert in your field and people love to deal with people that are competent at what they do.

Alternatively, create a personal/professionally branded blog

You may not have the money and vast technological resources to create a big web site for your practise. But then you can still create a blog. Blogger is free to use; WordPress has amazing, over-the-top options for personal blogs which you can create using whatever specifications and themes that will be more suited to your needs.

Create a Brand

You know that niche that you are into. If you are a lawyer, then this post: The Eight Beatitudes: Lessons from Lincoln, written by Joseph Onele and published on my blog: Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. can help you with the branding.

The point is this: know you field, then work on it. You know about your profession more than I do. So, create a personal brand that speaks for that profession for which you are known for, then brand yourself appropriately using the tools listed above. Know the kind of contents to create, know the image you will use to project the image of a seasoned professional in his element to the world.

Then, once you have determined your niche and possibly how to go about it, you can now start creating the necessary content and marketing yourself and your business in order to gain visibility and even clients.

That way, you win.

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Final Tips

In order to make it on social media as it pertains to your career, you have to create a social media strategy and make sure you stick to that strategy. Please note that being able to navigate Facebook and Twitter, looking up and gisting with friends, does not mean that you have a social media strategy or that you an market yourself. No; far from it. Things to do:

  1. Build an online profile: note that almost all tech-savvy recruiting firms will conduct a search for you if and when they want to do business with you or if they want to hire you.
  2. Create a strong LinkedIn profile: I think I am going to emphasize on this more than on the previous one. Why? I search out every single person I want to contact on a career related matter. I will not tell you, but I will do it.

And if I do it, then please note that others will do it too.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is professional-looking and up-to-date with relevant information because of the fact that it is like your online CV. Yes, your CV. People will go through it before dealing with you.

You don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Please create one.

You have a LinkedIn profile but don’t use it? Please update it and keep it top-notch. You never know who might be sniffing you out from there.

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Well, I hope this was enjoyable to you.

If you like it, please share it via Whatsapp, email, links, etc.

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This post is one in the series for professional career advice that appears on Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P.


About the Author:


 Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. is a lawyer, personal/business brand consultant, writer, and blogger living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. On the legal side, he loves working on complicated corporate agreement drafts and consulting with Commonwealth-based firms on matters relating to corporate finance and startups in Nigeria. On writing, he has written four full-length novels which are being considered by agents and publishers in the UK and New York. He has also vied (and is still vying) for international literary prizes like the Commonwealth Prize for Short Fiction. He can be contacted on LinkedIn, and through the contact form on Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. contact page.


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