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Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani (IP Attorney)
Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani, Esquire


Who I am: I am a Legal Practitioner with General Litigation experience, contracts/transactional services experience, and experience interfacing with business associates/partners on behalf of trusted clients.

What I Do: I am a Nigerian licensed attorney who helps creatives, startups (SMEs), owners of business enterprises, and business owners doing transactional work handle their legal affairs by developing protective frameworks for their prized (IP & Physical) assets through my services as a corporate transactional and litigation attorney.

How I work: I immerse myself completely in the business sphere of prospects/clients seeking to first attain a rigorous understanding of their operations before proffering tailor-made legal services which are specifically geared to their unique business scenario and work environment. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Who I work with: I have counseled a diverse range of clients including a Lagos-based Stock Photography startup, business enterprises and firms in numerous areas of Law including Contracts, IP (Copyright & Trademarks), business law, and general corporate advisory services.

Core Focus Areas: IP, IT, Business enterprises (contracts, portfolio advisory & management), commercial litigation.

Where I work: In this virtual, interconnected world, physicality of location is not an issue. With secure virtual connections, I work efficiently and swiftly, achieving fast, smart results without reliance on physical barriers. We’re in a digital age, so I innovate through Skype and other means of communication to make the best use of time and available resources and also to ensure that clients have swift, unfettered access to me whenever they need me for their services.


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